About Us

AI & Analytics Solution for enterprises with insights for hiring

What is Secure Traces ?

Secure Traces uses Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics to combine public information, resume data, social media platforms and various other proprietary algorithms to instantly analyse a resume for confidence, fitment and retention.

Why Secure Traces ?

Eliminate unnecessary manual screening of unqualified candidates. Take bias and human speculation out of determining resume confidence. Don’t wait for weeks for background checks to complete. Don’t leave the guesswork to hiring managers. Get an insight into your candidate versus the traditional “Post, Pray and Grab” hiring method. Let Secure Traces’ s advance AI platform guide better decisions.

How Secure Traces Platform works

What we do

Leverage The Power Of AI

Resume Analytics

Cloud based security

Fitment Analysis

Compensation Trends

Profile Analytics

Identify Talent Hotspots

Quick Verification

Risk Evaluation

More Options

Key Features and Benefits

⮚ Effective Screening of resumes – Reduces time to shortlist resumes and validate the
⮚ Ranking of candidates’ profile based on hiring pattern
⮚ Validate the information of candidates from various open sources like LinkedIn, GitHub,
     Angel list.
⮚ Schedule and conduct video interview without going back and forth and give the scoring
⮚ Potential to link homegrown Application tracking system with Secure Traces API
⮚ Easily collaborate among hiring managers, recruiters, vendors and candidates

Insights from the Founder

Secure Traces is an artificial intelligence-based recruiter which helps organisations improve on six key performance indicators of successful hiring – cost of hire, time to hire, quality of hire, retention of hire, diversity of hire and candidate experience of hiring.

– Mr. Natraj Subramaniam      

Mr. Subramaniam is a Global IT executive with over 25 years of experience in leading and delivering strategic initiatives including ERP implementations, upgrades, process transformations, cost optimizations, quick cycle system integration for mergers and acquisitions and creating and leading high performing IT and transformation teams.

His deep expertise in cost optimization, architecting and delivering solutions for complex ERP rollouts (both traditional and cloud), transformation and optimization of BI and analytics functions and infrastructure has led to a proven track record of driving profitability, license optimization, compliance and risk assessment. All done with a keen eye on stability, uptime and business productivity.