Artificial Intelligence is happening and is very much factual when it comes to talent acquisition

The change is real and it is beginning to happen gradually, the process of recruiting and hiring candidates is fast changing as many companies have started to rely upon Artificial Intelligence as it provides comprehensive insights on candidates. The change that many companies are witnessing is due to the advancement in Artificial Intelligence and the advantages it is aiding towards hiring the right kind of candidates. The traditional methods adopted towards hiring candidates are soon going to become history as AI would be thoroughly and completely leveraged by companies. In the past companies used to rely upon Job portals, Human Resource Consultants, References, and Advertisements in related mediums, now companies can interface with one technology and hire the best of candidates easily. Most of the times companies weren’t satisfied with the kind of candidates they recruited by embracing these mediums, many times the recruitment process was re-initiated resulting in the loss of the company’s time and effort. As these were the only available mediums that were used by all kinds of organizations, they were totally dependent on these mediums until and unless there emerged a reliable alternative. With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence technology in recruitment process companies heaved a huge sigh of relief as it provided holistic, comprehensive and effective solutions.

The advantages of AI in recruitment vis-à-vis the traditional methods

As many companies are quite acquainted with the traditional methods of recruitment, applying humungous effort concerning the allocation of the manpower resources and time of the organization was a definite measure. Many companies would invest heavily in putting processes and systems in place for building the Recruitment process, and these systems were regularly modified to suit the market dynamics and changing trends in hiring. Talking about Artificial Intelligence, the system is an intelligent system that comprehensively analyzes the candidate and renders the best possible result. The hiring process doesn’t consume much time, it screens and shortlists the resumes, validates their authenticity and delivers the best result by ranking the candidate’s profile based on the hiring pattern. The entire process takes minimal time and renders the best results in all aspects. Hence AI scores better when compared with the efficacy of the traditional hiring methods. Even research is proving that Artificial Intelligence is making a huge difference in hiring methods as many companies have started to adopt it. The reputed and reliable business reviews of all, the Harvard Business Review (HBR) mentions in its report that around 44% of businesses are incorporating AI in IT functions to empower their recruitment prowess as these companies completely believe that AI is hugely disruptive in their recruitment process and will deliver optimum results. According to another review Ideal, which states that 96% of senior HR professionals believe that Artificial Intelligence has the potential to greatly enhance talent acquisition and retention? The challenges of companies are to bring talented and right kind of people on board to achieve greater business success; it becomes quite imperative to rely upon effective technologies like Artificial Intelligence in the recruitment of the best talent to accomplish business objectives. Companies face different types of challenges during recruitment, in the past hiring of the right talent was very difficult, with AI the identification of the right candidates with specific qualifications and specialization, educational history, work experience, and many other related factors could be seamlessly executed. Therefore the advantages of Artificial Intelligence unvaryingly are major factors contributing to the success and relevance of the technology.